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New viral diseases can emerge in Georgia

Wednesday, February 24
Currently, H1N1 and N2N3 viruses are randomly observed in Georgia, however, other viral diseases may possibly emerge in the country, Novosti Georgia reported.

Reportedly, 18 people have died from the aftereffects of the H1N1 virus (“swine flu”) and another from the H3N2 virus, all in 2016.

“It is difficult to predict when the H1N1 and N2N3 viruses will disappear. But after three or four weeks cases of the disease will decrease in number. However, it is not ruled out that another virus will emerge,” said Khatuna Zakhashvili, the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Georgian National Center for Disease Control and Public Health.

Aside from swine flu, other viral diseases such as respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza and rhinovirus are spread in the country.

“Today, there are no prerequisites that can lead to an increase in the cases of virus diseases in February. However, we cannot predict how the situation will change,” she added. (