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Distribution car parking gets restricted in Tbilisi

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, March 2
Parking of distribution vehicles will be restricted from parking on 17 streets during evening time in Tbilisi.

According to the Mayor’s Office of Tbilisi, they have already signed memorandum with 26 distribution companies regarding the issue.

Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania said traffic of delivery vehicles will be restricted from March 15 to September 1, after 8pm.

“This is just a pilot project. We are going to monitor how successful the initiative will be and only after that make final decision concerning the issue,” stated Narmania.

According to him, the project should reveal which streets are overloaded with traffic.

“Delivery vehicles created additional difficulties on arrow and crowded streets, which are problematic during rush hours,” stated Narmania.

Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Irakli Lekvinaze stated that Mayor’s Office had pre consultations and meeting with over 250 distribution companies, which will be involved in the projects later stages.

“This is a kind of a gentlemen’s agreement, wherein all the parties voluntarily accept responsibility to fulfill the agreement. Restriction is only on parking, all the other actions are allowed. We are sure that this agreement will bring benefits to our city and will not create any kind of problems or inconvenience to the participant distribution companies,” stated Lekvinadze.

The restriction will apply to the following streets: Abashidze, Paliashvili, Barnovi, Dolidze, Tsintsadze, Nutsubidze, Kostava, Pekini, Gamsakhurdia, Marjanishvili, Agmashenebeli Avenue, Javakheti, Khizanishvili, Leselidze, Leonidze and Asatiani streets.