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Justice Minister establishes Salve Foundation

By Messenger Staff
Friday, March 4
The Minister of justice of Georgia, Tea Tsulukiani, and the President of France-Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Antoine Bardon have established the Salve Foundation.

Former French ambassador to Georgia Renaud Salins along with French, Georgian and American businessmen are also among the contributors.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the fund will have only two main functions: to finance projects on children working in the streets and eliminate malnutrition among newborns.

According to Tsulukiani, the Justice House will grant special gifts to socially vulnerable newborns. This gift package will include all necessary items for newborns, baby nutrition goods and the vitamins, which are necessary for elimination of malnutrition according to the standard set by the UNICEF.

“Today there are over 100,000 children suffering from malnutrition, which hinders their physical and mental development. That is why the elimination of malnutrition is the main aim of this foundation,” stated the Minister.

She also thanked the French side for the assistance and especially underlined the contribution of Antoine Bardon.

The Foundation was set up last week, at a charity gala-supper in Kazbegi. An auction was also held during the supper and the organizers represented the things contributed by various sportsmen, artists and organizations.

The Justice Minister hopes that more people will get involved in the fund to assist vulnerable children in Georgia.