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Govít gifts new flats to 132 IDP families, supports mortgage repayments

Friday, March 4
More than a hundred Internally Displaced families were today gifted new homes in capital Tbilisi.

Georgiaís Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refuges, Sozar Subari, and Minister of Economics Dimitry Kumsishvili visited the apartments with their new owners this afternoon.

The apartments, in a newly built block of flat in Nadzaladevi area, were gifted to 132 internally displaced families.

The Government also took on the responsibility to support the families in registering their properties.

Last year the Government gifted accommodation to 561 IDP families.

In addition, Sozar Subari announced it had started the third phase of covering mortgage loans for internally displaced families.

In the first stage, the Ministry supported 23 families with their bank obligations, while in the second stage this support increased to 49 families.

The Ministry stressed that the internally displaced families could apply for Government support for their mortgage loans from March 1 to 31.

The Government had a budget of 1 million GEL ($406,500 USD/ą373,134*) and each family was eligible to receive up to 20,000 GEL, but only if the property with the mortgage loan was the only registered property for the family. (