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PM tells GD members to solve disputes within the coalition

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, March 4
Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili has released a special statement, addressing the existing confrontation between some members of the Georgian Dream (GD) coalition.

The PM stressed that the political confrontation has taken on “an absolutely unacceptable form no matter who was the initiator of the dispute.”

Kvirikashvili demanded that GD members to solve any disputes within the coalition otherwise he would definitely carry out changes that would ensure healthy political environment and stable functioning of the Government.

The PM was referring to the ongoing controversy between the Industrials and Republican parties, when the leader of the Industrials Gogi Topadze made statements against the Republican party and accused Defence Minister Tinatin Khidasheli of rigging the October 2015 Sagarejo by-elections.

The PM stressed that such confrontations were unacceptable, as GD took a huge responsibility before the public after winning the 2012 parliamentary elections.

“Our people deserve politicians who feel more responsible for their actions and words. The politicians must think about our people’s problems and find ways to resolve them,” the PM said.

Kvirikashvili stressed he had already made a statement that voiced accusations to the Defence Minister was unacceptable, but he also said the Minister was first of all a cabinet member and she should have avoided any involvement in the election.

“It’s crucial that we must do our best to distance the Army from political processes. It’s intolerable that anyone would use soldiers as political catspaws,” Kvirikashvili said.

The PM stressed that any Soviet and Stalinist-type aspirations and radicalism were to be condemned in Georgia, as the GD was a force that strived towards the Euro-Atlantic space through taking national values into account.

“It was the GD that ensured huge changes in 2012, and our country which was heading to the bottom returned to its path of development,” the PM said.

“The GD must be a political force that will be focused on national values, development and progress. Through this way, we will not only mechanically join Europe, we will also make Europe rich with our traditional and cultural inheritance,” the PM said.

The PM stressed that the GD coalition was ready to cooperate with all political forces that would ignore narrow, partial interests and unite a common goal - to create a better future for Georgia.