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Constitutional Court head says materials against him are not about intimate life

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, March 9
The Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Georgia, Giorgi Papuashvili, has stated that the materials the Minister of Justice planned to reveal against him were not about his intimate life.

According to Papuashvili, the video footage does not contain recordings of his private life, though he did not have information as to what was reflected in the photos Justice Minister Thea Tsulukiani intended to unveil against him.

“Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani cannot stand the fact that I am occupying my current post. The reason is that I do not obey her commands. She now is showing off her real face and her claws to try and harm me,”stated Papuashvili.

According to him,the materials may show his behavior when drunk and using inappropriate language.

“Those videos are not about my private life, I am sure. While I have no idea about the content of photo materials, I am sure there is nothing special there. I am sure that they have nothing to blackmail me, simply because such things do not exist,” stated Papuashvili.

Tsulukiani responded to Papuashvili’s statement, saying the only thing she released about the Constitutional Court chairperson was his low grades describing his low qualifications.

“All the official materials I could release about Papuashvili, I have already released. All those materials showed how many times he failed. At the moment I do not own any other official documentation regarding him. Neither I nor any member of the Government are blackmailing him,” stressed Tsulukiani.

The Minister of Justice said that people who threaten Papuashvili with releasing materials documenting his personal life may be members of the former government.

“Maybe these people are in Kiev or in Odessa at the moment. If they have recorded something regarding Papuashvili’s life and are blackmailing him now, it is not my fault. I am sure there is something in his past actions that have made him scared,” the Minister said.

Papuashvili, who served as Georgia’s Minister of Justice and Environment Minister under the previous state leadership, stated that Tsulikiani intended to release some materials against him shortly after he was not named among the Georgian candidates who will represent Georgia in the European Court of Human Rights.

A special commission chaired by Tsulukiani selected five nominees for the position, though Papuashvili was not among them.

Out of the five candidates, three will be shortlisted by the Government, and only one of the three will be approved by the Strasburg-based court in autumn this year for a nine-year term.