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Georgian wine exports up 56% in January-February 2016

Thursday, March 10
Georgia is reaping the benefits of $20 million USD flowing into the economy from increasing exports of wine and brandy to markets all over the world.

In the first two months of 2016, Georgia exported 4,531,556 bottles of wine to 21 countries, which generated $10.75 million USD income for Georgia.

This was a 56 percent increase in wine exports in January and February 2016 than in the same months of 2015, reported the Georgian National Wine Agency.

Furthermore, in January and February, the Georgian economy received 27 percent more financial inflow as a result of more Georgian alcoholic beverages exported abroad.

The five countries that imported the most Georgian wine in January and February 2016 were:

Russia 2,559,795 bottles;

Ukraine 651,792 bottles;

Kazakhstan 337,582 bottles;

Poland 322,038 bottles; and

China 219,349 bottles.

The Agency said of these top five consumer countries, exports of Georgian wine increased to Russia by 154 percent, Ukraine by 37 percent, Poland by 46 percent, Lithuania by 26 percent, Kyrgyzstan by 70 percent and Germany by 68 percent.

In January and February 2016, Georgia also saw a 165 percent increase in brandy exports.

The Agency said in the reporting period Georgia exported 1,431,868 bottles of brandy to seven countries worth $3.4 million USD 137 percent more than in January-February of 2015. (