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Security steps up in Georgia after terrorism rock Brussels

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, March 24
Security has been stepped up at Georgia's borders and airports, following the deadly terrorist attack in Brussels which claimed more than 31 lives and injured dozens.

"Safety measures have been adopted due to the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium. Security has been stepped up at borders and airports. Control was also tightened at strategic facilities,” Georgia’s State Security Agency said.

The recent explosions at Brussels airport and metro station reveal even very powerful countries’ security services still fail prevent terrorist attacks.

Despite the fact Belgium expected such an attack after one of the perpetrators of the Paris terrorist attacks was seized in Belgium about a week ago, the explosions were regardless a shock.

It is another example that terrorism never sleeps and countries should be ready for attacks anytime.

However, this type of readiness always negatively effects public morale and, as a result, the state's development.

People generally refrain from visiting countries with high or even medium risk of terrorism.

It is welcomed that each country strengthened control at risky facilities but terrorism requires joint responses and not some particular measures.

Despite the fact Georgia will not be one of the prime targets of the Islamic State, no one is safe from such threats.

Herewith, terrorism has moved quite close to Georgia's borders due to the recent attacks in Turkey.

The recent terrorist attacks might also be a signal that the former policy of world powers to Muslim-populated areas might have been a catalyst for Islamic radicalisation.