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UNM says the Gov’t has no economic plan and refuses to listen to others

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, March 30
The United National Movement (UNM) blames the government for not having a plan which will bring the country out of the “harsh economic crisis”.

UNM member Mikheil Matchavariani said over the last four years of governance the Georgian Dream (GD) coalition was able to fill the budget appropriately and only achieved this by increasing taxes.

“Life for Georgia’s population becomes much more expensive; excise prices also increased. However, no taxes have been decreased,” stated Matchavariani.

He also stated that Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili was not able to keep his promise.

“Kvirikashvili stated that he was ready to meet with the main opposition force and work on the new bill with them. Instead he offered his alternative project, which turned out so bad that no business accepted it,” stressed Matchavariani.

Members of the UNM also state that the Prime Minister has not decreased the government's 400 million GEL expenses.

“He has withdrawn 125 million GEL from the pockets of the poorest stratum. Neither has he written business decriminalization bill. That makes us think that the government has no action plan,” said Matchavariani.

He also stated that the GD coalition does not want to listen to the UNM's plan.

“We have a certain plan how to bring our country out of such a hard situation,” stated Matchavariani.

He also said that the UNM have the impression that GD is busy “watching the stars”.

“The Government’s economic theory looks like they are just watching the stars, and after that they state whether the GEL will strengthen or not, and then suddenly they will discover that our national currency again started to devaluate. The government needs to realize the necessity in certain development plans,” stressed Matchavariani.

The majority does not share the position, and many from the ruling team accuse the UNM, as the country’s previous ruling power, of bringing the country to “disastrous conditions” in many directions.