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No Governmental reshuffle before the elections?

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, April 7
On March 5, the President and the Prime Minister held a meeting at the Administration building of the Government of Georgia after which the President said the Parliamentary elections will take place on October 8.

As the President said, the issue of Governmental reshuffles was not discussed at the meeting.

The President said the meeting was mainly focused on the situation in the region.

"The Prime Minister and I had a fruitful meeting with representatives of the executive and legislative branches, under which we reviewed the situation in the region and coordinated work both inside and outside the country for the benefit of the region.

“No reshuffles were discussed at the meeting,” he said.

However, Georgian analysts continue to speculate that a Government reshuffle might take place before the elections and ministers representing the Republican Party might quit their posts.

The Minister of Defence and the Environment are of the Republican Party, which recently announced that will take part in the upcoming elections independently.

Of the parties that make up the Georgian Dream coalition, only the Industrials party and the Conservatives have not yet announced their future intentions over the elections; Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia (the core coalition party) have said they want to independently participate in the race.

It will be a result of serious control of emotions and attitudes if the Republican Ministers manage to retain their posts, as the Republican Party has always had different attitudes from the rest of the GD coalition on various issues.

The party said it will stay within the coalition but claimed they would openly reveal their attitudes in the legislative body on those issues of which they have a critical attitude.