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Special programme announced to produce professional teachers

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, April 7
Those who have a higher education diploma and wish to teach at school will be able to become a teacher with a competitive salary after taking a one-year course initiated by the Governmental institutions.

The aim of the program announced by Georgia’s Ministry of Education and National Assessment and Examinations Center (NAEC) aimed to attract qualified staff and increase the number of professional teachers, especially in Georgia's rural regions.

It will be a one-year program that will ensure the filling of the deficit of professional teachers before the Ministry launches its five-year programme for teachers next year.

Those people who have at least a bachelor’s degree and can pass an exam in the subject he/she wishes to teach at schools will be given a chance to take the programme.

Minister of Education Tamar Sanikidzed said the state will finance 800-1,000 best applicants who will show best results in his/her subject in the exams held by the NAEC.

However, the Minister added those who fail to receive the state financing will be able to take the programme with his/her own money if there are enough places.

The total cost of the program will be about $875.

After completion of the programme at Georgia’s higher educational institutions, the participants will receive certificates and will be able to start jobs at schools as head teachers with better salaries than other, ordinary teachers, the Minister said.

The average salary at schools for most teachers ranges between $220-260 USD.

Those who wish to enter the programme must register on or and take a relevant exam.

Those who already work as teachers are not eligible for the program. Job seekers both from Tbilisi and regions can register.

Registration has already started and will close on April 12.