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Tbilisi Mayor’s Office plans to announce tender to solve parking problem

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, April 7
The Mayor’s Office intends to announce a tender this month in order to gradually solve the parking problem in the capital city.

Deputy Tbilisi Mayor Irakli Lekvinadze has told local online media Ipress that the Mayor’s Office has already contacted an international firm that will carry out parking studies in 12 different locations in Tbilisi.

“ Very soon we will have geological, technical-economic and financial outcomes regarding the locations and we will try to announce a tender for private companies over arranging underground and overground parking areas this month,” Lekvinadze said.

Lekvinadze added this would be a beneficial project as Tbilisi lacked parking space and new efforts in this regard would ease the situation for both drivers and pedestrians.

The completion of the project will depend on the pace of construction after a company wins the tender, Lekvinadze added.

Local NGOs and the parliamentary opposition frequently accuse the Government of not settling parking and similar problems.

A stir also emerged over the City Park company, which was obligated to deal with parking issues under the previous state leadership.

The current Government wanted to suspend a deal with the company, but in such a situation they would have to pay a 20 million GEL as a fine for pre-term suspension of the deal.