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Check in Georgia

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, April 8
Ministry of Culture launches new project

A new project, named Check in Georgia, was presented by the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection and the National Tourism Administration of Georgia.

According to the initiators of the project, it will benefit Georgia’s popularity around the world.

The Minister of Culture and Monuments protection, Mikheil Giorgadze, stated that GEL 29 million will be allocated for the project.

According to Giorgadze, negotiations over the issue are underway.

“The money will be allocated from the Government reserve fund. However, we are trying to reduce the contribution of the budget to the project. We are in the process of negotiating with the private sector for possible contributions. I am sure this will be successful project and it will continue into the future,” stated the minister.

The head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia Giorgi Chogovadze stated that more than 35 festivals will be held in more than 19 towns and cities of Georgia as part of the project.

“Georgia will use this project to boost its popularity. We will attract more tourists from the Caucasus region and from all over the world. In addition, this project will bring profits to residents of Georgia,” stated Chogovadze.

According to him, 2016 will be a very successful tourist season for Georgia.

Within the Check in Georgia project, some large scale concerts are planned to take place, as well as a series of cultural events in Tbilisi and in Georgia's regions.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the project will start on April 24 in Tbilisi with a concert by Eros Ramazzotti. Later, well-known singer Robbie Williams will hold a concert in Tbilisi on May 27. Jose Carreras will sing in Kutaisi on June 18 and Maroon 5 will visit Batumi on July 7.

According to the Ministry of Culture, ticket prices will range from 20 to 90 GEL. Tickets for the Ramazzotti concert are already on sale at the box offices of Tbilisi Sports Palace.