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Georgia among safest countries in the world

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, April 13
The recent ‘crime index’ report reads Georgia is the 6th safest country in the world.

The list was made in descending order, which means that Georgia took 112th place among 117 countries around the planet.

The top 5 safest countries are South Korea, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Japan and Singapore.

The countries with the highest crime rates are Venezuela, South Sudan, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Honduras.

Georgia's neighbours were ranked as follows: Turkey – 71st, Russia – 50th, Azerbaijan – 87th and Armenia – 93rd.

Positive results in such directions are of the utmost importance, as safety creates prospects for development and inflows of investments and tourists.

Georgia’s previous state leadership achieved success in this regard, as they established the patrol police in Georgia and declared war on organised crime.

Despite a strong start was good, Georgia was gradually transforming into a police state.

The police still enjoy trust amongst Georgian people, and it is essential successive governments persevere the integrity of the police and take more steps forward.

Crime fighting must be incessant and effective. The government should also invest in further training and higher education for police officers in order to employ more qualified staff.