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Georgia seeks to attract Irish tourists

Thursday, April 14
Georgia is taking actions to attract more Irish tourists by showcasing all the country has to offer - rich history and traditions, a unique culture and vast tourism opportunities.

Georgia’s embassy in Dublin grasped a chance to present the country and engage with Irish travel at all levels – owners, managers and frontline travel professionals - at the Irish Travel Industry Trade Show, a special tourism exhibition held in Dublin, capital of Ireland.

Georgian officials show the country’s tourist sights and infrastructure with specially produced brochures and magazines on April 7, 2016.

Ireland’s leading Travel Industry publication Travelbiz has already published a story about Georgia after the Trade Show.

Travelbiz wrote that there were many similarities between Ireland and Georgia as they were both about the same size in terms of population and land mass. Also both countries had struggled for their freedom and independence from their stronger neighbours.

Another association with Ireland is that for the past two years some famous Georgian landmarks have been floodlit in green on St Patrick’s Day,” wrote Travelbiz.

More than 100 international companies took part in the exhibition in Dublin, including some of the world’s leading airline and cruise companies, tour operators, hotels and leisure complexes.

“Promoting Georgia’s tourism potential to Ireland and attracting more Irish tourists is one of our priorities. We are actively involved in different exhibitions and events held in Ireland. Furthermore, on April 5 we hosted a presentation ‘Welcome to Georgia’ at our Embassy which aimed to provide proper information about Georgia to Irish tourist companies,” said Georgia’s charge d'affaires to Ireland Giorgi Zurabashvili.

The National Tourism Administration reported Georgia hosted 272 Irish citizens in the first quarter of 2016, up slightly from the 221 people who came in the same period a year ago. (