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You can live on $71 in Georgia, statistics show

Tuesday, April 19
A person needs a minimum of $71 USD to support themselves in Georgia, reveals official figures.

The minimum subsistence level for a working age male in March 2016 was 161.6 GEL (about $70/€63*), claimed the National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat).

For the average consumer the minimum subsistence level was 143.2 GEL in March, while an average family needed at least 271.1 GEL to survive.

As for households, the minimum amount of money needed to survive was:
• For a one-person household – 143.2 GEL
• For a two-person household – 229.1 GEL
• For a three-person household – 257.7 GEL
• For a four-person household – 286.3 GEL
• For a five-person household – 322.1 GEL
• For a six or more person household – 380.8 GEL

Geostat calculated subsistence minimum indicators based on the minimum consumer food basket, defined annually since 2004. The indicator did not include monthly mortgage or rent costs, or utility bills.

Geostat calculated the minimum subsistence level in accordance with the law "as defined and determined by the food substances and the energy required for the body’s physiological needs and to identify the minimum required standards and normative approval of the composition of the subsistence level”.