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Tbilisi and Istanbul forge ties as twin cities

Thursday, April 21
The chief cities of Georgia and Turkey are now twin cities.

The deal between Tbilisi and Istanbul means the bilateral relationship will strengthen, allowing the partnership to deepen and solidify.

The Mayor of Georgia’s capital, David Narmania, is in Istanbul to meet with local officials and discuss ways to deepen ties between the two cities.

Narmania and his Turkish counterpart Kadir Topbs signed a memorandum yesterday, making Tbilisi and Istanbul twin cities.

“We sorted out very specific issues for future cooperation. These issues are supporting investments, developing tourism, and deepening cultural ties between the cities," said Narmamia.

“There are some fields where Istanbul’s experience is very important for Tbilisi. For example, we can have active cooperation with Istanbul in the field of managing the municipal transport and maintaining cultural heritage while renovating the city,” he said.

The memorandum also emphasised that Tbilisi and Istanbul would support each other on the international arena and cooperate in all international platforms.

In recognition of becoming twin cities, Istanbul will gift Tbilisi five buses, said the press office of Tbilisi City Hall. (