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Latvian and Georgian citizens detained for fraud

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, April 27
Georgia’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office announced yesterday that it had detained two Latvian and one Georgian citizen for the seizure of an especially large amount of money through swindling.

The Office said Latvian citizens Vladislavs Borisovs and Evgenis Kalnmalis, together with Georgian David Gagnidze, appropriated $449,994 USD owned by one of the American companies active in Georgia.

In order to seize the money, the trio established a fake firm in Georgia with the name Georgia Fruit earlier this year.

After the firm's registration, they cyber-attacked the email accounts of the American company and transferred the money to Georgia Fruit's bank account on April 20.

Georgia’s law enforcers arrested the people when they tried to withdraw the money from one of commercial banks in Georgia.

If found guilty, they will face 6 to 9 years behind bars.