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State Security Service detains five for illegal selling uranium

By Messenger Staff
Friday, April 29
The State Security Service (SSS) of Georgia detained five persons on the charge of illegally selling uranium.

As a result of a joint operation, officers of the counter-intelligence department alongside the Special Operations Department of the SSS, five citizens of Georgia were detained in Kobuleti on the charge of the illegal selling of a radioactive substance.

The suspects were detained as they brought the substance to an apartment in Kobuleti in an attempt to sell it. They were aiming to sell the substance for $3 million.

The radiology review revealed that the substance was uranium. The total weight of 1,665 gr, contains 2 radioactive isotopes: Uranium 238 and a small amount, 0, 23% of Uranium 235 that are categorised as a nuclear substance. Given the gamma ray emission and the identity of the source, direct and long-term exposure to the substance is extremely hazardous to human life and health.

An investigation is in progress on the charge of illegal handling and selling of nuclear material. (Article 230, part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia which envisages from 5 to 10 years of imprisonment).

The investigation is being carried out by the Counter-Intelligence Main Investigative Division under State Security Service of Georgia.

Upon Tbilisi City Court's decision, taken on April 27th, the detainees were sentenced to pre-trial detention. The SSS did not reveal the identity of the accused, but said that if found guilty, they will face from 5 to 10 years imprisonment.

Moreover, 10 days ago the SSS detained three Georgian and three Armenian citizens for attempting to sell uranium in Georgia’s capital. They planned to sell an amount of uranium (U238) worth $200 million USD before they were caught.

As Georgia has no access to the radioactive substance, presumably, most probably, it could be originated from Russia.