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3.53 mln voters in Georgia

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, May 4
Georgia’s Services Development Agency says there are 3.53 million people in the voters’ list of Georgia.

The Agency said the list includes all those living in Georgia, including its breakaway regions as well as abroad, having the legal status of a Georgian citizen.

The list has already been sent to the Central Election Commission. It also includes voters that are registered without their address being listed.

Under the Election Code, the State Services Development Agency is obliged to provide the CEC with all the necessary data for the formation of the voters’ list four times a year.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s political parties are evaluating their chances.

A representative of the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) coalition, Gogla Zhvania, claims that GD will have better results in the upcoming October elections than it had in the 2012 parliamentary race.

He said the reason for this success would be very simple.

According to him, the previous state leadership of the United National Movement (UNM) party, fabricated some of the results in the 2012 parliamentary elections but its ultimately failed anyway due to significant public support of GD.

Zhvania, who is a brother of Georgia’s late Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, says this year the United National Movement has no levers to fake the race that would boost the GD votes.

The United National Movement says in response that the upcoming elections would be a big failure for GD, which has failed to meet its pre-election promises.

The UNM says GD brought the country to economic collapse, and under their rule people’s living conditions have worsened.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and the President have not yet agreed when the parties should start their pre-election campaigning.

The PM says it should be June 8, while the President believes May would be more suitable.

Both agree the elections should take place on October 8.