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Behind the barbed wire fence in village Khurvaleti

By Salome Modebadze
Friday, May 6
Women's Information Center visited the family living behind the barbed wire fence at Khurvaleti village today to congratulate the Valishvili family with Easter.

Davit Valishvili also known as Data Papa and his wife Valia are the direct people who roll eggs on the graves of those whose relatives lack access to the village cemetery on Easter. However, they also feel pressure form the Russian military servants especially when they have Georgian 'guests' behind the barbed wire fence like they did it today.

Easter eggs, special Easter cake 'Paska' and a bottle of wine are traditional food on Easter in Georgia. This is why we wanted to create the feeling of this special holiday for the Valishvili family and remind them that they are not alone.

Through its peaceful demonstration just in front of the fence WIC also wanted to call upon all the participants of the peace talks to somehow solve the problem of movement at least on Easter days so that the ordinary people could go to the cemeteries and pray for the souls of their relatives.