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Georgian wine exports increase in 2016

Monday, May 9
More than 11.5 million bottles of Georgian wine have been exported to 30 countries across the globe in the first four months of 2016.

This was a 45 percent increase in wine exports in January-April (Q1) 2016 than in the same months of 2015, reported the Georgian National Wine Agency.

The value of the exported wine amounted to almost $27 million USD, which was 15 percent more than in the same period of last year.

The Georgian National Wine Agency today released the export numbers of Q1 2016.

The five countries that imported the most Georgian wine in Q1 2016 were:
1. Russia 5,925,933 bottles;
2. Ukraine 1,488,737 bottles;
3. Kazakhstan 1,281,100bottles;
4. China 779,425 bottles; and
5. Poland 682,522 bottles.

The Agency said exports of Georgian wine increased:
To Russia by 84 percent (5,925,933 bottles);
To Ukraine by 70 percent (1,488,737 bottles);
To China by 58 percent (779,425 bottles);
To Poland by 31 percent (682,522 bottles);
To Lithuania by 37 percent (183,636 bottles);
To Kyrgizstan by 171 percent (107,646 bottles);
To Germany by 23 percent (104,950 bottles);
To Belarus by 31 percent (134,120 bottles); and
To the United Kingdom by 72 percent (50,128 bottles).

In Q1 2016 Georgia also saw an 86 percent increase in brandy exports.

Almost 1.5 million bottles of brandy were exported to 11 countries. The value of the brandy exports amounted to $6.4 million, which was 43 percent more than last year.