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Amount of bonuses and supplements of CEC leadership and members are more than 200% of their salaries in some cases - NGO Fair Elections

Wednesday, May 11
According to the Fair Elections NGO, documents requested from the Central Election Commission (CEC) clearly show that the issuance of bonuses and an indefinite amount of supplements has been a problem of systematic nature over the years.

Fair Elections held a presentation of a monitoring report on the Central Electoral Commissionís salary costs in 2011-15.

According to Fair Elections, the documents make it clear that Central Electoral Commission members, as well as staff and non-staff employees, receive bonuses and supplements not in exceptional cases.

"It is important that in the election period, in most cases, supplements are equal or higher than the salaries, and this at a time when the CEC members get doubled salaries. During other periods, the amount of bonuses and supplements of the leadership and members of the CEC, for the most part, is more than 50% of their salaries and even exceeds 200% in some cases. Such bonuses and supplements are unreasonably high and there is no need to issue them," said the Fair Elections. (IPN)