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Ruling party Political Council member leaves party

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, May 11
Armaz Akhvlediani, a member of the ruling pGeorgian Dream-Democratic Georgia (GDDG) party and a member of the board of GDDG Political Council, has left the party. He held a briefing on May 10 where he explained the reasons behind his decision.

According to Akhvlediani, Georgian Dream has failed to turn into a true democratic party and it hinders the political and democratic development of the country.

“Such a party is not able to win elections in normal, equal, democratic and competitive environment. However, the party will find another way,” said Akhvlediani.

The former majority member stated that the success of GDDG is imaginary and in reality the party infects the politics of the whole country.

“I cannot stay in such a party and leave the party and the membership of the political council,” he added.

However, Akhvlediani underlined he is not going to quit politics and he will continue to fight to hinder this process and "break the vicious, haunted political circle".

Moreover, Akhvlediani accuses Georgian Dream’s political leadership and law enforcers of wiretapping him.

“Such an open wiretapping of political partners or opponents is totally unacceptable. I cannot remember such a clear, direct intervention of the authorities for the last 20-22 years,” declared Akhvlediani, and added that eavesdropping nowadays is very common.

"A lot of people are in a similar situation, but I can only talk about me and about how my family members and friends were warned that communication was dangerous," he said.

Georgian Dream does not agree with Akhvlediani’s assessments about the party. They believe Akhvlediani has ambitions of his own and left the party because of this reason.

Majority MP Gia Vollski says Akhvlediani’s was an inefficient and ineffective politician and he did not take an active part in decision making processes within the party.

“He was not an active member of the party. However, his statements were making problems for us and he was unethical towards others in the party,” commented Volski.

Another majority member, Eliso Chapidze, believes Akhvlediani had the right to make his decision; however, she does not share his assessments that GDDG has failed to fulfil their main obligations to the public.