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Turkish companies keen to transport cargos via Caspian Sea

Thursday, May 12
A number of private Turkish companies are interested in operating in the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan's Transportation Minister Ziya Mammadov told reporters May 11 in Baku.

In particular, the private transportation companies of Turkey are interested in the cargo transit via the Baku-Aktau-Baku and the Baku-Turkmenbashi-Baku routes, he added.

"This issue is currently under discussion," said Mammadov, adding that national and business interests should also be taken into account.

"If the proposals put forward by the Turkish companies meet Azerbaijan's interests, it will be possible to fulfil them," he said. "Otherwise, this issue won't be discussed."

Earlier, Turkey's Economy Minister Mustafa Elitas told Trend that the crisis in relations between Russia and Turkey increases the relevance of the Trans-Caspian corridor in the transportation of cargos through Azerbaijan to the markets in Central Asia.

He said the Trans-Caspian corridor should become a priority in the cargo transportations.

Elitas also said Turkey held meetings with the representatives of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan on the effective use of the Trans-Caspian transportation corridor. (