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Strong hailstorm damages Kakheti region

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, May 17
Strong wing and heavy hail caused damage in 11 villages of the Kakheti region on May 16.

According to the locals, the natural disaster destroyed the harvest and damaged the houses.

The Governor of the Gurjaani region, Gia Gergidze, stated that the cost of the damage will be evaluated over the next few days.

“We have had no information about the damage yet. Members of a special commission are already on the ground and gathering date on the damage. We will have precise numbers in a few days,” stated Gergidze.

Meanwhile, afflicted residents gathered at the regional government centre and a held rally.

According to locals, the government has not used the special anti-hail device it installed last year.

“The anti-hail machine is located only 500 meters away from our village. The local government could have used it and saved our harvest. However, they used the machine only after the hail was over,” said one of the affected, Valeri Baghamashvili.

According to a member of Gurjaani Municipality Governance, Jemal Jalashvili, the anti-hail machine was used in time.

“Six shots were made from the anti-hail machine; however, it was not able to save the harvest. All the losses will be counted in next few days,” state Jalashvili.

The affected people then addressed the government for the help.

“All my strawberry harvest was destroyed during the hail. Nothing can be done with the existing product. All we can do is to sow it again and wait for a second harvest,” said Nino Getiashvili. “Even though the disaster did not last for a long time, it was still able to destroy all of our harvest. People have no idea what we should do about our loss. This year, none of us will have any kind of income,” said Malkhaz Chirikashvili.