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Georgian honey enters European market

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, May 19
“Since signing a free trade agreement between Georgia and the European Union (EU), this is Georgia’s first chance to export Georgian honey to the EU market without any additional fees,” EU Ambassador to Georgia Janos Herman told reporters after holding a meeting with Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia on May 17.

According to Janos Herman, the meeting was very interesting and honey export issues were discussed in depth.

“This is a result of hard work and cooperation between Georgia and the EU. I would like to say this is the sweetest news being provided to you in the recent period,” he has remarked.

The Euro Commission Food Safety Directorate has addressed the commission recommending Georgia be listed alongside other countries that export honey to the EU.

Georgia’s Association Agreement and its the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA), which Georgia signed with the EU in 2014, stated that the country could export 1,500 tonnes of honey to EU markets every year.

It was stated that the demand for honey in the EU was growing by six percent every year.

About 55 percent of the honey consumed in Europe - about 150,000 tonnes - was imported from countries outside the EU.

Georgia produced about 4,000 tonnes of honey in 2015 while in 2014 year Georgian beekeepers exported 5.4 tonnes, valued at $54,200 USD.

The fact that Georgia will start exporting to the EU market is very good news, and it will be a encouraging for other local business to become involved in international exports. The Government should inform people about the products they can successfully export to Europe and provide support for small and medium sized businesses.