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Prisoners go on hunger strike

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, May 20
Prisoners sentenced to life in Gldani Penitentiary Institution Number 8 and Rustavi Institution Number 6 have gone on a hunger strike.

According to the one of the inmates of the Gldani prison Giorgi Geladze, the prisoners, sentenced to life imprisonment, demand a correction of the flaw in the amnesty law adopted in 2012, so that they can get a 1/4 reduction of their sentences.

According to Geladze, they have had meetings with MPs who promised to work on the issue, but despite this, life convicts cannot receive any benefit of the amnesty law.

“The prisoners have refused to take water and food. The hunger strike will continue until their demands are met,” stated Geladze.

The Ministry of Corrections of Georgia has confirmed the information regarding the prisoners' actions.

According to the Ministry, 42 inmates from Gldani prison and 10 inmates from Rustavi prison are on a hunger strike.

"The prisoners do not have complaints against prison staff. All they demand is correction of the flaw in the amnesty law adopted by Parliament in 2012. At the moment, all of the protesters are in good health since the hunger strike was only announced a few hours ago," reads the statement released by the Ministry.

The head of central office and legal department Aleksandre Darakhvelidze said that the prisoners will be under doctors’ supervision.

“At the beginning, 45 prisoners from Gldani Prison started a hunger strike, but three of them have stopped it already. We will supervise their health condition. In case of their situation becomes dangerous they will be transferred to the medical wing,” stated Darakhvelidze.