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Russian diplomat: Georgia’s integration into NATO will be a blow to European security

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, May 26
Georgia’s integration with NATO would be a blow to European security, Russia's Ambassador to NATO, Alexander Grushko, told reporters.

"I think that NATO will act wisely because Georgia’s integration into NATO would be a blow to European security. This is a huge risk to peace and security in Europe,” said Grushko.

The NATO Secretary General's Special Representative James Appathurai said after the Warsaw summit Georgia will be invited to more NATO meetings than any other partners.

The major country that threatens regional and European security is Russia.

At Georgia’s Defence and Security Conference on May 24, Vice President of the US Atlantic Council Damon Wilson said that Russia “forcibly changes borders” and stirs provocations for its neighbours.

Georgia is steadily striving towards membership in NATO and has done much to be part of the alliance.

Georgia needs clear messages from the alliance, as being part of NATO means security for Georgia.

It is hard to feel safe with Russia as a neighbour, especially when the country occupies 20% of Georgia's territory and routinely kidnaps (and occasionally kills) Georgian citizens and changes the borders.

Without stability, it is hard to develop and attract businesses to any country.

Georgia is repeatedly told by the international community that it is adept at fulfilling its obligations and carrying out democratic reforms.

No one will praise Georgia for inactivity, though the hollow praise that Tbilisi does receive is not enough to guarantee the country's security.

Georgians are well aware that membership in the EU or NATO is not dependent on their own efforts, and that the membership will ultimately be a political decision.

Such statements made by Russian officials alarm some European leaders and NATO members, which Russia knows all too well and uses to its advantage.

Western fear enables Russia to carry out aggressive actions and violate international laws, standards and territorial integrity.