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Company Unison insures Georgian Airspace

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, May 26
Georgian airspace is now insured. The relevant agreement was signed between Georgian Air Navigation and the Unison insurance company on May 25.

The event was attended by the Economic Minister and Vice-Premier, Dimitry Kumsishvili.

According to Kumsishvili, from now, if something unexpected happens in Georgian airspace during over-flights, third parties are now fully insured, the maximum amount standing at 500 million dollars.

“This is a commitment that we have by joining European airspace, but it is also necessary for the country to fully manage the risks it faces,” stated Kumsishvili.

The Minister explained that the mentioned amount of money is included in the flight tariffs and paid by the companies whose aircraft fly over Georgia.

According to Georgian Air Navigation, the scope of the project is unprecedented and has no comparison in history. In early 2016 an open tender was announced, which was won by the Unison insurance company.

Unison says that airspace insurance provides civil liability insurance for all Georgian Air Navigation activities during air traffic control or during operations linked with aviation companies with a limit of 500 million USD.

“We have taken the responsibility and re-insured civil liability by 100% in our A-class partner companies of west Europe,” the statement on Unison’s official website reads.

According to Unison, the Georgian Air Navigation Civil liability insurance project is of national importance, because it relieves the government from any financial liability caused by air accidents which occur in Georgian airspace.

Georgian Air Navigation is part of the Economic Ministry, with all civil airports, takeoff and landing zones under its jurisdiction.