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Police charges six people

By Messenger Staff
Friday, June 3
Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has stated they have charged six people for the clash in Zugdidi during the local council by elections, that left dozens of people from opposing political groups heavily beaten up.

The Ministry stated the six individuals had been identified as Giorgi S, Koba S, Giorgi S, Noshrevan S, Grigol T and Vladimer S handed themselves in at police stations and gave testimonies.

They will now face charges for hooliganism.

The MIA said all sides of the clash have been interrogated.

On May 22, a fight involving dozens of people erupted between supporters of the ruling Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia (GDDG) party and the United National Movement (UNM) opposition faction outside a polling station in Kortskheli village, Zugdidi municipality, during the by-elections for the Sakrebulo (local council).

The clash was strongly condemned by Georgia’s Prime Minister, who called it “absolutely deplorable” and tasked the Ministry of Justice to draft amendments that would ensure tough punishment for election violations.

The UNM says the sportsmen who participated in the clash were GDDG supporters.

For his party, many from the ruling coalition stated the clash was staged by the UNM in order to damage the image of the current Government.

It is more interesting what the motivation of the sportsmen was, and which party or individual backed them.

However, it is a common practice in Georgia when those directly involved in situations are detained while the major figures behind the act remain free.

The police must ensure all questions over the incident be answered, as the case affects the Government’s image.

If the people are really GDDG supporters and if they were responsible for triggering the violence, they must be appropriately punished.

It is also no excuse for the Government if some other party staged the clash, as the Government and police failed to timely address and calm the situation.

Thus, the Kortskheli incident should serve as a lesson for the Government prior to the upcoming October parliamentary race.