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Canning Factory to Open in Central Georgia

Friday, June 10
The Geo Concentrate Company will open a new modern technological equipment canning factory later this summer, reported on Tuesday.

According to the information released by the website, the plant hopes to release its first batch of products by the end of June.

A state-run programme provided the Geo Concentrate Company with a 200,000 square meter production facility in the village of Karaleti, in Georgia’s central Gori District.

The state investment into the company is estimated at USD 155,400 (330,000 GEL).

Ivan Goglilze, the founder of the company, noted that the focus would be on the production of export-quality juice and fruit preserves.

Goglidze, who is also the founder of the Kula canning factory, said he also plans to develop USD 1 million (about 2 million GEL) fish and meat production line in the future, according to (