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New companies to complete suspended constructions

By Mariam Chanishvili
Monday, June 20
Tbilisi Mayor’s Office vows to offer new conditions to new developer companies in order to ensure the completion of unfinished buildings in the capital city and meet the demands of citizens who have been waiting for their accommodation for years. Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania announced the initiative for Georgian media outlet Palitra News and added there were new companies who wished to replace the old ones, take on their construction obligations and finish the buildings in a timely manner. “They will complete the construction and satisfy people who have been waiting for their apartments for years,” said Narmania. He also noted that the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office has provided a description of all the suspended constructions in the city. “We have designed some mechanisms to offer to new companies. There are more than 100 residential buildings which have been suspended at various stages in Tbilisi. There are some apartments that have been resold several times,” Narmania stated. The Mayor of Tbilisi also noted that the central government had taken a decision to free the companies which failed to continue constructions from value-added tax that was anticipated to give a new push to the companies to complete the work. Many construction projects were suspended due to the Russia-Georgia war of 2008. During and after the war, some local companies went bankrupt and failed to fulfill their obligations. Since then, a series of street rallies and demonstrations have been organised in Tbilisi by the affected people, who were demanding the completion of their own constructions or their money back. So far in most cases none of their demands were met.