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NGOs send open letter to NATO

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, June 24
Non- governmental Organizations (NGO) of Georgia have sent an open letter to the North Atlantic Council and NATO Secretary General.

“The letter reads that returning Georgia to the European family of nations is an historic mission for our generation. Completing Georgia’s integration into Euro-Atlantic Institutions, including NATO, is an essential part of this process.

“Since its very beginning, the Euro-Atlantic integration process played a critical role in steering Georgia toward a modern, democratic and secure society. It provided powerful incentives for developing state institutions, advancing democracy, and transforming the national security system,” reads the letter.

The letter underlined that Georgia still has much more work to do in building a modern, democratic, and prosperous nation.

“It still faces challenges, both internal and external. During the last decade, Georgian citizens proved their dedication to democratic transformation and modernization of the country, as well as their readiness to ensure Georgia is a responsible member and contributor to international security, as demonstrated by Georgia’s significant participation in NATO-led peace operations. The idea of Georgia’s NATO membership enjoys overwhelming support among its citizens,” reads the letter.

The letter reads that Georgia’s membership in NATO will positively affect the process of Georgian statecraft, as well as contribute to security and stability in the wider region: “It will strengthen peace and encourage democratic transformation, empower democratic forces more broadly, and through this advance the interests of the entire trans-Atlantic community.”

The letter underlined that Georgia needs now a clear roadmap towards NATO membership to be agreed at the NATO Warsaw summit.

“This would serve Euro-Atlantic security interests and further advance of the principles on which the Alliance was founded. We also hope that decisions taken in Warsaw will support concrete measures aimed at deterring Russian aggression and reinforcing Georgia’s security,” reads the letter.

According to the letter, the NGOs anticipate that Warsaw Summit decisions will create a stronger and more holistic structure for NATO-Georgia political and military cooperation, fully utilizing existing mechanisms, incorporating real substance, and ensuring the commitment and engagement of all allies in strengthening Georgian democracy, its institutional reforms, and its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The head of the Atlantic Council, Davit Sikharulidze, said that Georgia’s security is important for NATO.

“Georgia should enter NATO to improve its security,” stated Sikharulidze.

The head of the Media Development Fund Tamar Kintsurashvili said that Georgia’s goal is to become the part of the Euro-Atlantic world.

“Only by entering NATO can Georgia progress on its way to further development. Every organization should be focused on this issue,” stated Kintsurashvili.