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TBC Bank launches the first in Georgia professional management of financial assets

Thursday, July 7
For the first time in Georgia TBC Bank offers its customers professional management of their free financial resources. With the support of TBC Bank an investment fund was established for this purpose. The fund will invest funds in bonds and securities in Georgia as well as abroad according to a strictly defined strategy. Diversified investment will ensure high profitability with low risk.

The fund has European structure and it will be managed by the company which possesses license to operate in Europe. The company is headed by professionals with extensive experience, Temo Cheishvili and Vasil Revishvili.

Since 2000 Temo held different positions in the worlds leading banks, Barings and ING. Among these positions were director of investment management, vice president of corporate finance, senior manager of investment products, and strategic consultant. The geography of his active practice includes the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Eastern Europe.

His career started with restructuring credit portfolios and assets of state banks. He successfully implemented this function in different countries in Europe and Asia. Since 2004 Temo Cheishvili has been involved in investment business. He successfully managed up to 20 investment funds in Luxembourg, Netherlands, USA and Singapore and as a result attracted several billion Euros.

Since 2007 Temo Cheishvili was responsible for creation and management of investment portfolios through bonds, securities, derivatives and loan instruments for central and commercial banks, as well as large pension funds (Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russian Federation, South Africa, Botsvana, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates). Temo Cheishvili successfully established and implemented strategic alliances with financial institutions in Middle East and Asia, he was elected CEO of joint investment company in Saudi Arabia.

Temo Cheishvili has obtained master’s degree from Lund University and has attended special courses for top managers in London Business School, Amsterdam Institute of Finance, INSEAD, Chartered Alternative Investment Association and Euromoney Singapore. He is fluent in Georgian, Dutch, English, French and Russian.

TBC Bank’s investment fund will be co-managed by Vasil Revishvili. His career in finance field started in EU Fund’s credit management department. Later he joined Georgian Investment Centre. His professional experience in Georgia also includes working in the World Bank. In 2004 Vasil continued his career in Swiss asset management company Pictet Asset Management and held position of risk controller in London. Later he was promoted to the head of investment risk department in Geneva and London and was responsible for the risk management of portfolio with the value of USD 120 billion. Since 2007 Vasil was a senior investment manager in the same company and managed 3 million USD investment fund based on macro research and algorithmic modeling. In 2008 he returned to Georgia and became the head of wealth management business of large Georgian bank. In addition to rich professional experience, Vasil has received his education in one of the world’s leading universities – he has obtained master’s degree in finance from London School of Business.

TBC Bank’s management is glad that for the first time in Georgia the Bank will give its customers an opportunity to invest in the fund of international level and the rich experience of the CEOs will be directed at successful management of client’s wealth.