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Georgia’s cyber-security strategy approved

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, July 21
NATO Liaison Office representative Thorsten Derek, who covers National Security issues, was introduced to the current national Security challenges faced by the country.

According to the State Security and Crisis Management Council, the State Security and Crisis Management Council worked on the project in coordination with the involvement of various agencies.

As Torsten Derrick's council office said at the meeting, the cyber-security strategy of Georgia fully corresponds with the cyber security-related strategic documents adopted at the NATO Summit in Warsaw. He said this will contribute to deepening cooperation in the field of cyber-security between NATO and Georgia.

According to the council, the recommendations of non-governmental organizations, diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia and NATO's Threats Directorate were considered during the drafting process of the strategy.

"The Cyber Security Strategy is the conceptual document of the National Security Policy, that sets out the policies and priorities in the field of cyber security and defines the mechanisms for implementation over the years 2016-2018. The work on the document will continue for 7 months,” reads the statement of the State Security and Crisis Management Council.

According to Georgian legislation, the cyber-security strategy presented by the State Security and Crisis Management Council has been approved by the government of Georgia.