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Index of care for socially vulnerable people is very low

By Mariam Chanishvili
Tuesday, August 2
The IPM research organization released its data on the index of care for socially vulnerable people, saying it is too low in Georgia compared with the results obtained three months ago. It has decreased by 4 points, and currently stands at 22. According to the results, the index of foreign affairs has increased by 4 points.

The research is mainly focused on governmental activities, such as government efficiency, expectations of success, and overall ratings of governmental activities.

“The average index of the efficiency of the governmental activities continues to decrease and fell to 11.1. The average index of expectations, however, increased by 0.7 units and is now 2.7”, stated IPM.

The index of expectation for success in 2-5 years has increased for all fields except territorial integrity/security and education/science.

The research was conducted in July 2016, and 600 respondents were interviewed, having been selected at random providing their age was above 18. Respondents were asked questions about governmental activities in the fields of healthcare, education, foreign affairs, and care for socially vulnerable people (including pensioners).

IPM Research is the oldest organization in the IPM Group, which has been operating since 1995. Its activities are focused on marketing and social studies. In 1998, the organization began to use international-standard research techniques and launched its first standardized product – panel research of TV and radio audiences. This product was followed by media monitoring, trade outlet research, out-door advertising monitoring and study, printed media research, Media Marketing Index (MMI),etc.

The IPM is a full service research organization and mainly conducts three types of studies: ad hoc, standardized and longitudinal.