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Technical regulations on dairy products

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, August 3
On August 1, new regulations on dairy products came into force. The regulations prohibit using artificial fat in products labelled as dairy products.

It is also banned to use term 'milk substitute product' for products containing vegetable oil.

The regulations were imposed in August 2015, but producers were given a one-year period in order to adapt to the changes.

The National Food Agency stated that after the imposition of the technical regulations, product quality has increased.

Imported products will be controlled in the same way as local produce. During the production process, the used ingredients will be studied and checked and the market labels will also be examined.

According to the Deputy Head of the National Food Agency, Kakha Sokhadze, the main demand is to avoid usage of artificial fat in dairy products, which is also prohibited in Europe.

“The products will be examined during the process of producing, and when they go to the market their labels and contents will also be studied,” Sokhadze stated.

Georgian Farmers Association members think that the regulations will have a positive outcome, and believe that the regulations might encourage the growth of the farming economy.

The National Food Agency will soon start regular checkups. In case of any violations, the dairy products company will be fined 400 GEL, and in case of a repeat offence the penalty will be increased to 1200 GEL.

Diary product companies predict a price increase on their products after the enactment of the new regulations, but they think these procedures will help to regulate the market and to protect the rights of consumers.