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China to open a jacket-making factory in Georgia

Thursday, August 4
A large Chinese clothing manufacturer is gearing up to open a jacket-making factory in Georgia to make top quality jackets for world famous brands.

Silk Road Investment Group will open a satellite branch in Georgia and employ local seamstress and tailors to create the jackets.

The Chinese company operates its main garment factory in Jiangxi province in China’s southeast.

Silk Road Investment Group has already signed a deal with Georgia’s state-owned shareholding company the Partnership Fund that outlined terms of the new factory.

Head of the Partnership Fund David Saganelidze said the new garment factory will bring economic benefits to Georgia.

“This will be a branch of the jacket manufacturing factory, which is located in Jiangxi and meets the demand of 60 percent of the local population. Opening a branch of this factory in Georgia will increase the country’s export potential,” he said.

The factory in Georgia will sew jackets for world famous brands who order from the mother factory,” he added.

After signing the Memorandum of Cooperation this week, a representative from the Silk Road Investment Group announced it would begin a feasibility study and release more details of the garment factory in the coming weeks and months. (