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Frequent changes of defence ministers is unacceptable

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 11
President Giorgi Margvelashvili has criticized the frequency of the replacement of Georgia's defence ministers. According to him, the appointment of four ministers in as many years is not an “ideal solution”.

As for the new minister, Levan Izoaria, Margvelashvili said he is a man with whom he must work.

"I’ve met him. I shared his plans. Our main topic of discussion was the implementation of NATO's substantial package. We had a very intensive and constructive conversation. We talked about how we see the future,” said the President.

As for the confrontation between the former and incumbent defence ministers, the President said it is not useful for the army.

"I do not think I should comment on ex-Minister Tinatin Khidasheli’s statements. My goal is to help the Defence Ministry strengthen our country's defence capabilities and help the army to become more efficient.

“I saw that there was some debate between the former and current defence ministers. I think it is not useful for the Georgian Armed Forces. We will have elections soon, and the army and the Armed Forces should be de-politicized,” stated the President.

Khidasheli criticized the appointment of a security official as Georgia’s new Defence Minister, as Izoria previously served as Georgia’s Deputy head of the State Security Service.

Meanwhile, Izoaria said he had already encountered “many problems” in the ministry when he was appointed to his new post.

It is hard not to agree with the President that changing the Defence Minister so frequently is hardly beneficial to the country.

Such reshuffles damage both the functioning of any affected ministry as well as Georgia's international image.

The Prime Minister and all relevant institutions must be very cautious when selecting ministers and ensure that they do not serve for a short period of time before their abrupt replacement.