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Russia’s military exercise in Tskhinvali region

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 17
Russia has launched large-scale military exercises in the occupied territory of South Ossetia (Tskhinvali).

According to the press service of Russia’s southern military forces, more than 5,000 soldiers are participating in the exercises.

Soldiers stationed in both South Ossetia and the North Caucasus are involved in the exercises, which are scheduled to last for several days.

The exercises come several days after Russia stated it had signed no ceasefire deal with Georgia after the Russia-Georgia war in 2008, which obliged Russia to withdraw its forces from the de-facto territories of Georgia.

In the statement, Russia stressed that Georgia 'still failed to recognise the independence of “two Republics on its territory'.

At the same time, senior Russian officials stress they “want peace” with Georgia and “love the Georgian people”/

There are hundreds of thousands internally displaced people in Georgia and the rights of those Georgians living near or in the occupied territories are blatantly being violated.

The recent military exercises are the latest example of Russia's aggressive policies which display Moscow's complete disregard for the opinions of the international community and its lack of fear of any consequences.

Russia will continue its policy across the former USSR until the international community launches genuine steps to curtail Russia's actions.