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Debates on pensioners’ employment

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, August 17
Georgia’s Minister of Labor, Health and Social Protection of Georgia, David Sergeenko, has responded to criticism from the opposition United National Movement (UNM), who grilled the Government over its pensioners’ employment initiative.

"Before one starts to criticize or praise someone, they must understand the issue and discover more behind the concept of the idea,” stated Sergeenko on the pensioners’ employment programme.

He explained that the pensioners will be employed in workplaces which do not require any physical labor and are less attractive for young people.

“This is just a rational use of their abilities and experience,” stated Sergeenko.

“For example, in the United Kingdom (UK) this program is called Cameron’s Second Life programme. The programme gives Britain's elderly population the chance to remain an active part of society while the state benefits from their experience,” said the Health Minister.

Ahead of the October 8 Parliamentary Elections, the Government of Georgia has started it started working on a new programme dubbed “Life Goes On” which will offer greater support for Georgia’s elderly citizens.

Georgia’s Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Finance are currently jointly working on the programme, which will officially be presented in the coming days, announced the PM’s press office.

Responding to the initiate, the UNM, which ran the country in 2003-2012 until its electoral defeat by the ruling Georgian Dream party, said it was a “false, pre-election promise” having no connection with what might really happen.

They stressed that over the past four years the current leadership failed to provide jobs even for the country's younger population.