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'Your Voice - Our Future'

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 18
President Giorgi Margvelashvili has met with summer school students in Kobuleti within the framework of his campaign "Your Voice - Our Future".

The President talked about the importance of the students’ participation in the elections.

“If you do not go to polls, you cannot punish politicians and cannot change the way our country is run,” said the President.

He also made a comment on Georgia's success at the Rio Olympic Games.

"I want to congratulate the Georgian Olympians on their victories. We are very excited. I would like to congratulate you all too, I saw how you were supporting them,” Margvelashvili told the students.

Georgia has already won one gold, one silver and three bronze medals at the Rio Olympic Games.

“Together, we are creating democracy. Democracy is at its best when it has everyone's participation, everyone's involvement. Democracy means that all citizens are equal participants and co-creators of our life”, said Margvelashvili.

The President’s campaign is aimed at increasing the participation of young people in the elections. It is underway in nine cities of Georgia.

This type of campaign is very important for people to understand how important each vote can be.

Speaking about electoral issues with the younger generations means investing in the future, as Georgia requires generations with responsibility and awareness of their civil rights and responsibilities.

Motivating young people also means motivating some of their family members as the young people very frequently promote their views at home and are more critical of various issues than previous generations.

Nihilism is characteristic for the Georgian people, as generally they have high expectations and believe the Governments must do everything to change their lives.

If they see a Government fails they do not have any motivation to go and vote, when their indifference might lead to worse consequences in the future.

All in all, those leaders and organisations who are eager to change the public mentality to should indulge in this style of communication.