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Georgian opera singer’s party abandoned

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, August 23
On August 22 a Georgian journalist and one of the most active members of Georgian Opera Singer Paata Burchuladze’s political party left the team. According to him Burchuladze’s political organization has created a common platform with ex-members of the previous ruling United National Movement (UNM) government.

Journalist Merab Metreveli stated that unification with three other political parties, two of them composed of ex-UNM members, was unacceptable for him, as he was always against the UNM which ran the country between 2003-2012.

“There are many reasons that have already been announced. There are some with whom the State for People shouldn't have created any unification. I want to wish the party success and victory,” stated Metreveli.

For his part, Burchuladze said that it is great loss for the party and thanked him for his work.

“I wish him good luck and our party is grateful for all the work he has done, while working with us,” stated Burchuladze.

Metreveli made his decision after four political parties announced that they are creating a new political platform to achieve success in the upcoming October 8 Parliamentary Elections.

The platform of the four parties consists of the Movement State for People, Girchi, a political unity composed of former members of the previous ruling United National Movement (UNM); the New Rights non-parliamentary opposition party, and New Georgia, a political party chaired by one of the former leaders of the UNM, Giorgi Vashadze.

Burchuladze stated that together they have a better chance of electoral success.

“These parties decided to join us when we experience hard times. Now we will face all the challenges together and will share the responsibility among us,” stated Burchuladze.