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Tbilisi will have new buses

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, September 8
The Deputy-Mayor of Tbilisi, Irakli Lekvinadze, has published photos of new buses that are soon to begin operating in the city.

The buses are produced by a German company called MAN.

The first 10 vehicles will appear in the Georgian capital over the coming days and will circulate on the central Chavchavadze-Rustaveli-Baratashvili-Pushkin route.

During the next several months, more buses are scheduled to be added, and the dysfunctional yellow buses will be substituted by new ones.

As reported, by February 2017, 143 new buses will appear in Tbilisi.

It was also stated the vehicles are gas-operated and are therefore more eco-friendly.

Tbilisi really needs a renewed bus fleet, as the current yellow busses can be very soon dangerous for people, as many of them produce strange noises when transporting passengers and are frequently stopped due to states of disrepair.

Moreover, the yellow busses have no air conditioning, and it is very unpleasant to use public transport in hot weather.

However, introducing new buses alone is not enough to rectify the problems with public transport in the city.

The local authorities should employ some measures to avoid the damage of transport by people.

There are some people, especially young ones, who damage public transport vehicles.

The local authorities must also take measures for so many people not to be forced to stand in public transport, as generally buses and marshutkas in Tbilisi - especially in rush hours - are overcrowded.

The large number of passengers carries risks for the people and the vehicles themselves quickly become damaged due to the overloading.

In addition, the drivers of public transport quite often violate traffic rules, which is a very serious problem in need of urgent address.