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Changes at 11th and 12th grades at schools

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, September 8
The Minister of Education says the 11th and 12th grades at schools will be dedicated to special training for students in order to prepare them better for the higher education exams.

Minister Alexander Jejelava made the statement in response to speculations that his Ministry planned to remove the 12th form from secondary education.

Jejelava did not confirm the claim.

“I don’t know who spread such false information. We don’t plan major changes in the structure of secondary education. Changes will concern the last two grades at schools,” Jejelava stated.

The Minister explained the first ten grades at schools would be focused on general education, while the remaining two on certain specialities.

“For example, if a student decides to apply for higher education in medicine, he/she will have an opportunity to be focused on the subjects necessary for him/her to pass the higher education exams in this regard,” Jejelava said.

The Minister said schools with this kind of educational system already existed in Georgia and they enjoyed a successful record.

“We want to strengthen this trend, which specifically prepares children for particular directions. We will start the project later this year. We want to make sure that children will have no need of additional classes after school with private facilitators,” stated Jejelava.

According to the Minister, no legislative changes are needed to run the new project.

“That is why we will start implementation this year. At the moment, over 50 schools already work with special programmes. We want to double that number this year,” stated Jejelava.

He also said that project will start in both the capital city and in all regions of the country.