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First private high technological center - Silicon Valley Tbilisi - opens in Tbilisi

Wednesday, September 14
The first private high technological center - Silicon Valley Tbilisi - will be opened in Tbilisi on September 16.

The multimillion project will unite IT academy, business and technological universities, school, laboratory and research centers, technological incubators in Tbilisi’s Chavchavadze Avenue (82).

Future Georgian developers, programmers and entrepreneurs will soon be able to develop their own business ideas better and deepen their technological abilities at the Silicon Valley Tbilisi.

Within the project, leading technology companies and brands, as well as offices, student campuses, summer school for children with its sports fields and swimming pools will be available at Silicon Valley Tbilisi.

The project covers all the stages necessary in order for Georgia to gradually establish itself as one of the exporters of technologies.

Silicon Valley Tbilisi’s business and technology university will offer high education at BA, MA and PHD levels. The programs will be focused on enterprise-based learning, the promotion of innovative potential, business management and marketing skills, which eventually will allow the graduates to find employment in both local and international market.

The IT academy based at Silicon Valley Tbilisi will prepare high-tech specialists and software engineers and the students will share the experience of Israeli specialists.

There will also be a training center at the academy, where according to the demand at the market, the personnel for different companies will be trained.

At the first stage, 10 hours of daily education will be available for students. The second stage will see them develop their abilities and as for the third one, they will work on their business ideas.

The opening ceremony will be held at 14:00, 16 September. Among the invited guests the event will be attended by representatives of the government, business chamber and business associations.

The term Silicon Valley was coined by a Californian entrepreneur Ralph Vaerst. On January 11, 1971, his friend, a journalist named Don Hoppler used this term for the series of articles in weekly Electronic News magazine. In these articles, Hoppler told the readers about Santa Clara, located to the south of San Francisco, where the headquarters of biggest American IT companies were located.

Today, in the San Francisco Bay area, more than 386 thousand highly qualified people are working, which gives the Silicon Valley the right to call itself the biggest technological center in USA. (IPN)