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UNM accuses City Hall of spending millions inappropriately

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, September 14
The United National Movement (UNM) accused Tbilisi City Hall of spending millions inappropriately in order to regulate traffic flow.

A representative of the UNM, Irakli Abesadze, has held a briefing, wherein he accused City Hall of being unprofessional and making illegal deals. In particular, he talked about the traffic and suspended infrastructural projects in the city.

Abesadze says that City Hall is unorganized and staffed with unqualified personnel. He highlighted the issue of the traffic lights on central Saakadze Square; new traffic lights installed on Saakadze Square hamper traffic instead of alleviating it, he said.

"In order to install the traffic lights on Saakadze Square, Tbilisi City Hall spent 100,000 GEL for the consulting contract and after this spent up to 1 million GEL on the reconstruction of Saakadze Square. We see that the situation has not improved, and movement on Saakadze Square has actually become more difficult,” said Abesadze.

The installation of traffic lights on Saakadze Square was recommended to City Hall by a German Company, A+S.

Abesadze also talked about the central Vake-Saburtalo connecting road from Kazbegi Avenue, where two-leveled movement had to be constructed. One of the construction companies signed an agreement with the City Hall on May 30, but for the past three months construction has not begun yet, Abesadze said.

He also mentioned the construction works near the Metekhi Bridge that started in July and had to be completed in August. He said that this endless construction causes the local population many problems.

The ruling team in the City Hall states Abesadze is engaged with making critical and false statements as part of his party’s election campaign.