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Tbilisi Mayor summarizes two-year of activities

By Messenger Staff
Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania, who was elected in the role in July 2014 by direct voting, has summarized the two-year activities of his body, where he spoke about the projects already completed and the future intentions, as he has two more years ahead.

The report presentation last week was launched in the face of significant disruptions, as members of the Free Zone movement and NGO affiliated with the United National Movement opposition party by many, tried to get into the conference room where Narmania planned to present his report.

Members of the movement accused Narmania of conducting policies that resulted in the cutting down of trees in the capital city and damaged Tbilisi's infrastructure.

Free Zone members were refused to attend the session as only officials and famous public figures were invited to attend the event.

While reporting, Narmania stressed that between 2014-2016, 2,874,402 m2 of streets have been rehabilitated and more than 85 million GEL was spent.

He also said that 2,010,518 M2 street saw major maintenance works, the construction of new bridges and the rehabilitation of old ones.

The Mayor also mentioned that the New Tiflis project envisaged the renovation of the historical part of Tbilisi. Narmania said reconstruction works on Agmashenebeli Avenue were also coming to an end.

The Mayor then stated that his office allocated about 90 million GEL to help with the reconstruction works after the flood of June 13 2015.

Narmania said that in 2014-2016 Tbilisi Mayor’s Office constructed seven new kindergartens and rehabilitated three old ones. He said this year his office planned to build 10 new kindergartens and promised 13 more for 2017.

The Mayor promised a new fleet for the Tbilisi Cleaning Service and stressed that for the first time, under his governance, two construction landfills were arranged in Tbilisi.

A big portion of the report was dedicated to green activities, which Narmania is often criticized by local green movements for.

The Mayor said over the two years of his governance, 82 new parks had been arranged and 343 others rehabilitated. He also said in 2014-2016 the Mayor’s Office planted about 560,000 trees and rehabilitated irrigation water pipes for the residents of 75 different streets in the capital city.

Narmania also announced a new cable way from central Chavchavadze street to Turtle Lake, which will take about 6 minutes for locals and tourists to travel to the lake.

The Government and City Council representatives assessed the presentation as excellent and praised Narmania for his work.