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Wednesday, September 28
Roe Deer Drinking by Niko Pirosmani to be handed over to National Museum

The ceremony of handing over a painting, 'Roe Deer Drinking', by Niko Pirosmani will be held tomorrow at the Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery of Georgia. A presentation about the painting will also be held.

As IPN has been informed from the National Gallery, the painting has been kept in the Tsitsishvili-Gedevanishvili family since 1949 and has never been publicly exhibited.

As reported by the National Gallery, in 2011 the painting was sold at Sothebey’s auction and taken aut of Georgia. It was re-sold in 2016 when Bidzina Ivanishvili bought it and gave the National Museum as a gift, - the Gallery reports. (ipn)

Caucasus rail link to help Iranian companies establish foothold in Europe

The Georgian Railway company is engaging in talks to increase rail freight between Iran and Bulgaria through Georgia.

The target group of the plan is Iranian investors looking to establish a foothold in the European market.

Through using the railway connection through the Caucasus, Iranian companies will be available to take advantage of the Bulgarian industrial zones and favorable tax system to make inroads in the European market, according to a statement published on the Bulgarian president’s website.

The so-called ‘transport corridor’ was discussed by Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani during the United Nations general assembly meeting in New York on September 19.

It will connect Bulgaria and Greece with the Persian Gulf, through Georgia, Armenia and Iran. Turkey, however, will not be involved due to a recent increase in terrorist activity and political unrest.

Representatives of the scheme met on July 14-15 in Bulgaria.

Georgian Railway is planning to modernize its infrastructure and refurbish its locomotives, though a spokesperson told DFWatch that the railways are already able to handle an increased freight load from Iran.

“We know that the European market is very important for Iran, and vice versa, and we see huge potential in these trade relations, and this gives us huge hope,” spokesperson for Georgian Railway Dachi Tsaguria told DFWatch. (DF watch)

Tbilisi plans to introduce charging stations for hybrid cars

Two special charging points for hybrid electric cars will be built in Tbilisi next month.

Tbilisi City Hall’s Transport Service announced that the two charging points would be at Europe Square near Rike Park in Old Town, and in the city’s Vake district.

A local company, Espace, will be responsible for installing the new charging points, said Tbilisi City Hall.

For the first year after installation, people who drive a hybrid electric car will be able to charge the batteries of their vehicles for free, but going forward it will cost users to charge their cars.

It takes about three hours to fully charge an electric car battery.

As of today, there are about 40 electric cars in Tbilisi, said the Transport Service.

A spokesperson from the Transport Service told that after these two charging stations, Espace intended to build about 50 more charging points throughout Tbilisi.

The company also planned to expand its activities in Georgia and begin importing electric cars to the country.

An Espace spokesperson said Georgia offered favourable conditions for importing electric cars as they were exempt from custom fees. And this encouraged more imports of electric cars over typical petrol-powered vehicles, he explained.

Tbilisi City Hall was expected to approve the two initial electric car charging points in the coming days, and Espace was set to begin installation works next week.

It is expected people with electric cars in Tbilisi will be able to charge their hybrid vehicles at the two charging points from mid-October. (

New UEFA president to arrive in Georgia

The new UEFA president, Alexander Ceferin, will arrive in Georgia tomorrow.

According to exclusive information from the Lelo newspaper, Ceferin will arrive in Tbilisi late at night of September 28. So far, no further details are available.

Most likely, one of the topics of discussion will be the U-19 European Championship that is to be held in Georgia in 2017.

48 year-old Slovenian Alexander Ceferin became the UEFs president on September 14, at the congress held in Athens. (IPN)